What is Project Magi? | Chat interface like chat GPT | Transactions on Google directly

What is project magi?

In this article, we are talking about Google’s Project Magi and will try to know how it will affect the existing marketers?

This is the new search engine that will replace Google in the coming times. As we know that different types of services are being provided by Google to the customers.

 Project Magi

But apart from these services, Google is now going to launch a new service for users, from where users can buy products directly from Google.

As we know that there are many e-commerce companies on the internet that are selling their products all over the world. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO and TATA, there are many other companies which have millions of customers around the world and their market value and demand is increasing gradually day by day.

But after the arrival of Google’s new service project Magi, the value of these companies can be affected. So let’s know in detail about Project Magi.

What is Project magi?

Actually Project Magi is a new service of Google, which is going to start in the coming days.

Project Magi is a new search engine that will replace Google in the future. Currently 160 Google engineers are working on this new project.

These engineers are working hard to make this service attractive and smart.

By Project Magi, any user who is using Google as a search engine, then he can directly buy a product or he can directly transact for that product and also you can chat on this new tool. Can, means you can use google for chat.

At present, Google does not work like question and answer mode like chatting. After this, you will also get the option of chat on Google, in which you can ask anything from Google through chat and also you will get the facility of payment of products on Google.

Example, suppose you are searching about laptop on Google, then what used to be earlier, Google used to show you about 10 results on a page about that product and after finding information and specifications from Google, you would be able to buy laptop. Had to go to another website like Amazon for that.

But now after the arrival of Project Magi, you will not need to go to another website to buy any product.

Now for that product, you can do the transaction directly through Google wherein Google will show you an option for payment.

Chat interface like chat GPT 

Presently we use Google as a search engine, means anything we want to know, we have to type in Google and Google will show millions of results about products.

But like other AI tools like Chat GPT and others, it does not work like a chat form. Now Google will try to respond in chat form.

Now you can ask Google questions and Google will answer you. So through this tool, you can ask Google questions in a sequential manner or say that you can have a chat-like conversation.

You can make Transactions on Google directly

Through this tool any user can directly transact for the product. Suppose you are searching the technical specifications of LED TV and after finding the specifications you like the TV and want to buy at this point of time then now you do not want to visit any other website.

You can buy this product directly from Google and pay on the same platform. This will be very beneficial for the users.

How project Magi will effect the Marketers?

Now the question arises here whether it will affect the market. At the moment it is a bit difficult to say what effect it will have on the market.

But it is real that marketers can be affected. As we know that Google has billions of users and on a daily basis, billions of searches are done by the users.

So now you can understand, the importance of this new service. Because when a user will come to search anything on Google and when he will get the option of transaction as well as the option of chat then he will not go to other website and will buy that product from the same platform.

Similarly other e-commerce companies may get affected and their market and their customers may get diverted.

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