That's "Cocaine Bear," now in theaters to make you scream with fear or laughter, or both simultaneously "Cocaine Bear" has sharper teeth than "Snakes,"

It starting with a cast led by Keri Russell and the late Ray Liotta, it falls into the same one-joke trap. Cocaine Bear" is actually based on a true story .

In 1985, convicted drug smuggler Andrew Thornton dropped $14 million worth of cocaine from a plane he was piloting into a Georgia national park, where a 175-pound black bear ingested a bunch and died

Russell's character, Sari, is a divorced mom and career nurse. She's in the woods looking for her 12-year-old daughter, Dee Dee (Brooklynn Prince),

a wannabe artist who's ditched school with puppy love Henry (Christian Convery) to paint a waterfall near Blood Mountain, where a certain bear -- a protective momma herself, is ready to pounce, chasing Henry up a tree

It's a treat seeing Russell re-team with her co-star in "The Americans," the sublime Margo Martindale, who plays Liz, a forest ranger with the hots for Peter

There's also a teen gang led by Stache (Aaron Holliday) that robs and stabs tourists.

They call themselves The Duchamps, after the French Dadaist art movement.

The medical examiner who did an autopsy on the bear said the cause of death was: “Cerebral haemorrhaging, respiratory failure, hyperthermia, renal failure, heart failure, stroke.

a film where a real bear suffering a miserable drug overdose alone in the frozen woods doesn’t exactly scream blockbuster.

it’s likely that the film will tell the story of why the bear found the cocaine, which is a humdinger of a caper.

It turns out that the man who left the cocaine in the woods was Andrew Thornton, a corrupt narcotics officer who had become the head of an international drug smuggling operation.